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Drum Muffler of the Pros Since 1987

Join top professional drummers worldwide who rely on the patented Ring-Arrestor drum mufflers as their secret-weapon to enhance the sound quality of their snare drums and toms!

This muffling design effectively eliminates unwanted frequencies and overtones without choking the drum head or causing resonance loss. Drum Ring is controlled and the pure tone of the head becomes focused.


The Proven Drum Muffling Solution

The Ring-Arrestor works great for snare drum and tom muffling, and is completely silent. Simplicity is the key to effective use in studio or live music applications. Attachment is made to the inside drum rim with velcro, creating a simple and drum muffling solution with a stellar track record.

The mufflers can be used on any size drum from 10 to 16 inches in diameter. Two can be used on a single head for a stubborn overtone or ringing. You can even customize them to your own taste.

High quality synthetic suede is used for the mufflers. It was chosen for its ideal muffling characteristics. Made in the U.S.A., individually packaged and made to last.

Try them for yourself RISK FREE and see why professional drummers worldwide trust the Ring-Arrestor as their choice for great sound. Controlling overtones and ringing has never been simpler.

Ring-Arrestor In Action

Drum Industry Reviews

The RING-ARRESTOR is a unique drum muffler made of ultra quality synthetic suede. Its free-floating design stops only unwanted ringing and overtones. The drum is allowed to breathe with no loss of tone or resonance. The result is a pure and focused tone that works equally well for studio recording or live performance." Modern Drummer Magazine

"Please Consider This An Endorsement To All Drummers Having That Awful Ring Problem, Especially During Recording. Using Ring-Arrestors Has Worked Wonderfully For Me. Your Engineers Will Love Them Too! Happy Drumming, Happy Recording, Happy Life To You All!" Hal Blaine, legendary studio drummer who played on 40 #1 songs!

"There Was Just So Much Sound From The Drums That Control Was A Problem. As A Result, I Had To Muffle The Toms Slightly Using Ring-Arrestors And Roll Off A Little Low End On The EQ Settings. What Came Out Of The PA Speakers Was Nothing Short Of Devastating!" Modern Drummer Magazine - Brady Drumset Review

"The Zildjian Snare Drum With The Ring Arrestor Proved To Be The Ultimate Combination." Modern Drummer Magazine - Zildjian Snare Drum Review

We have examined the Ring-Arrestor and found it effective at reducing drum overtones and unwanted ring. As a matter of fact we've had several recommendations from other drummers about the product. Modern Drummer Magazine - Rick Van Horn

Our drumming specialists have had a chance to evaluate the Ring-Arrestor and their remarks were very complimentary. Premier Percussion

IIf you have been stalked, harassed and otherwise violated by nasty unwanted drum overtones, place them under arrest with the Ring-Arrestor. This handy little device is one of those simple little items that makes you wonder "Why didn't I think of that?" DRUM! Magazine


Customer Reviews

Unsolicited - Verifiable

"AWESOME!!!!!! I am in the middle of a recording project, and I have tried everything from m---n gels, r--o, to paper towels! Your product is the bomb! Very unique, and high quality. Attractive too. They make my Bubinga kit more focused in the mix, with no subtle inharmonic overtones, or nasty ringing....PERFECT!!!!!!! I will include you in my list of credits. You made my year!!!!!"

"Your product excels in every way. In the 90s Yamaha made a drum arrestor and back then they were the bomb. They stopped making them, but yours even excels those and are far superior in material, shape and performance. From all us working drummers - THANK YOU. They are the greatest."

"After reviewing more than 5 different technology appraoches to drum muffling, yours seems to be the best design out there - great investment in quality drum sound. Thanks for your simple, and ingenious design. All the reviews on your site really gave me confidence that this was the right direction, and I agree with everything they said. Kudos to you for helping drummers around the globe solve a huge and annoying problem. With this simple device, you are helping drummers get a significantly cleaner and more usable drum sound."

"I received my ring arrestor drum mufflers last week and I very pleased with their performance. They are by far the best drum mufflers on the market. I have spent so much time trying to achieve that perfect sound out of my drums but never have been able to achieve it. But thanks to the ring arrestors I can now get the sound I want with little effort. Thank you for making such a great product. I will be placing another order soon."

"The Ring-Arrestor mufflers arrived safely and are now fitted to my drums and working perfectly. What a neat solution. Wish I`d known about them before now!!!! So thank you very much for your excellent International service with these, and rest assured, I will be recommending these to all my drumming friends, and I`ll be back in the future if I need some more!!!"

"Received and installed mufflers and gotta tell you, AWESOME. Just what I was looking for. I even put one on my snare and got the results I was looking for. I can change heads without destroying the mufflers. Cool idea, wish I'd thought of it."

"I put the first couple of sets I ordered from you on a cocktail set I use in a bar band and the second set on a set of Pearl Exports that I just acquired. I have been playing since highschool and have battled with every set of drums I have ever owned to get the right tone. Your Ring-Arrestors are the answer. Great product, and very simple to use. Thanks so much."

"The Ring-Arrestors work phenomenally!!!! Thank you so much for inventing this. Who knew that something so small and simple could work so great! Again thanks a lot."

"Had to let you know what a great product your Ring-Arrestors are! Our drums have never sounded so good! I'll be recommending them to anyone who asks! Ringo should have used these instead of the sheets! Thanks again."

"Simply put, these muffling devices are great. I took one for a test drive on my snare and I was pleasantly surprised. It provided muffling the way I like it and I can see where it will work perfectly when I pack up my drums and carry them around. I've used "O" rings in the past, but I think these should be a lot handier and nearly impossible to lose. I would highly recommend these to any drummer."

"Ring-Arrestors arrived today. An incredible product!"

"Amazing product."

"Great product, everyone should try these!"

"Thanks for the sound fix!! ... will tell everyone."

"PERFECT!!!!! They work GREAT!!!"


Reviews Continued

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING ORDERS: Due to demand, Ring-Arrestor Mufflers are currently out of stock. Please Email your quantity desired and you will be notified immediately when the mufflers are available. Thank You for your patience and understanding.



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